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What Is a Maxi Dress?

What Is a Maxi Dress?

What Is a Maxi Dress?

A maxi dress is a dress that reaches the floor. They were first introduced to the catwalk in 1967, although they had been around for centuries before this. They have never really gone out of style, but every season sees different designs and trends gracing the catwalks and the big fashion stores. They are popular because they are so versatile, but what can you wear a maxi dress for?

A Summer's Day

Maxi dresses are beautiful to wear in the summer as they keep you cool and shield your body from the burning sun. A summer maxi dress should be made of a light material such as cotton or chiffon to keep you cool. This season the style is bright and bold, and maxi dresses can be found in bright colors such as yellow, pink, or green. Bold patterns, as seen in this Floral Frill Detail Maxi Dress, are trendy this season, and the designers want you to be noticed while wearing them. For summer wear, they are usually short-sleeved and can either be low- or high-necked to suit the style of the dress.

Floral Frill Detail Maxi Dress

In hot weather, it can be best to stay away from metal jewelry as this can conduct the sun and cause you to burn. It can also leave a heat rash on your skin. If you want to wear jewelry, it is best to opt for beads for a funky summer look as these won’t burn you or melt in the hot sun.

To accessorize, why not go large with oversized sunglasses and a large sunhat? These will keep you cool and help to keep the sun off your face and prevent burning. Sandals or ballet pumps look great on your feet and help to finish off the look of summer.

A Winter’s Day

Although maxi dresses are often associated with the summer, they can equally be worn in the wintertime. Heavier material such as wool can be worn for winter, and long sleeves will help to keep you warm. Colors such as brown, orange, or even black are a great look for the winter as bright colors tend to go out of circulation around October. This Brown Ombre Long Sleeve Maxi Dress paired with warm tights would be perfect for a chilly winter day.

Brown Ombre Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

You can use jewelry to either dress up or down in a maxi dress. Metal jewelry looks stunning in the wintertime, as do pearls. A chunky gold or silver bracelet is a great way of completing the outfit.

Shoes should be warm and functional for the wintertime. Boots look great with a winter maxi dress. Long boots will be covered by the dress, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. Ankle boots look great with maxi dresses, and they have the added advantage of being seen more easily when you are walking so the design will be noticeable. Alternatively, opt for ballet pumps for day wear.

Office Wear

Maxi dresses can look fantastic in the office if you choose the right one. You may need to dress quite formally for work, so the kind of dress you would wear for a casual drink or a trip to the beach may not be suitable. However, there are some great office-style maxi dresses around, and these look great in cotton or synthetic materials as part of a dress suit. A matching blazer will dress your maxi for the office.

Office jewelry should ideally be kept to a minimum. Keep it simple with a gold or silver necklace and a matching bracelet and earrings to look understated and professional.

Shoes should be kept functional in the office, and they should also be comfortable. It is best to dress with this in mind.

Formal Occasions

Maxi dresses, such as this Mermaid Dress, look stunning for formal occasions. They are chic and elegant and never go out of style. For evening wear, dark velvet can look amazing in the winter. For a summer ball, opt for something bright and floaty if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Mermaid Dress

Jewelry can be as understated or overstated as you like depending on the occasion. It can look wonderful to make a statement with the jewelry you are wearing, so go for large earrings and chunky metal to set your maxi dress off well. For evening elegance, you can’t go wrong with diamonds or pearls.

Formal evening wear looks best with heels. These will make you look taller and more elegant. Wear some that match the shade of your dress, and you will look fantastic.

Now that you know how to wear a maxi dress for every occasion, all you need to do is go shopping!