Trendy Fashion Styles
Trendy Fashion Styles

Up And Coming Fashion Designers

Up And Coming Fashion Designers

Up And Coming Fashion Designers

Post-lockdown, the world is looking for something new, and this is certainly true in the fashion industry. Everyone is sick of living in a onesie or a tracksuit because there is no point in getting all dressed up when there is nowhere to go. Now that the world has opened again, people are looking for new ideas when it comes to fashion, and they want to wear up-to-the-minute fashion now that they have an excuse to dress up. This is a great time to be an up-and-coming designer as a lot of doors are opening to tried and untested modes of fashion. Here are the top designers whose names will be on everybody’s lips over the next 12 months.

Up And Coming Fashion Designers

Jerome LaMaar

Jerome LaMaar started his design career by designing jewelry before going on to become a costume designer for Mariah Carey. He has also worked for brands such as Armani and Swarovski. He has been around since the mid-noughties, but he hasn’t been fantastically well known until now. 2021 is set to be his year as he has now launched his own brand Jerome, which is taking the fashion world by storm with its businesswoman chic style that looks equally stunning in business meetings and at networking events. This is the right time as women are returning to the office in droves following lockdown and need some new outfits to make the most of their working day. Take a look at our Vertigo Blazer for a smart, fashion-forward look.

Vertigo Blazer

Charles Harbison

Charles Harbison has worked for high-profile designers such as Jack Spade and Michael Kors, in addition to spending time studying central Asian textiles. He is now compiling all he has learned into his own fashion brand, Harbison, which is getting talked about a lot this year. He is passionate about his designs, which feature vivid wardrobe pieces and stunning women’s sportswear that will be the talk of the gym and the sports field over the next year.

Maisie Wilen

Maisie formerly worked for Kayne West as a womenswear designer before launching her own brand in 2019. She works primarily in Los Angeles, but her name is becoming renowned across the globe for her fun party looks, which will make wearers the belle of the ball once everyone can go out on the town again. Our Halter Neck Body-Con Dress is the perfect twist on the Little Black Dress for a night out.

Halter Neck Body-Con Dress

Kenneth Ize

Ize is a Nigerian-based designer who features locally-made clothes and trends in his collection. This makes him unique to the fashion world and puts his name on everyone’s lips for his ethical and sustainable fashion ideas that use local fabrics and community employees. His signature look features Aso Oke, which is a Nigerian cloth made famous on the catwalk by Naomi Campbell in 2019. The high-end stores are bound to copy this fresh new look, especially for the summer season.

Chopova Lowena

The fine combination of talent that has come together through Emma Chopova and Lauren Lowena clearly knows no bounds. Their pleated patchwork skirt is already the talk of the fashion world and is the first skirt to have such a huge impact in years. This talented pair produce their clothes between London and Bulgaria, and fashionistas everywhere are waiting with bated breath to see what stunning creations they will grace the catwalk with this year.

Charles de Vilmorin

This multi-talented designer is busier than he has ever been, with more strings to his bow than he knows what to do with. He is not a name that the fashion world will forget in a hurry, and his star is still rising this year. This designer launched his first collection in 2020 and presented his first Haute Couture collection at the beginning of 2021. He is renowned for launching quilted jackets and bright, funky designs.

He has just accepted the position at French fashion house Rochas and will launch a collection from this location next year while continuing to work on his own brand simultaneously. This designer is so busy that it’s surprising he has time to sleep, but he certainly isn’t going to rest on his laurels and is set to be one of the most important names in the fashion industry over the next couple of years.

There are a wealth of designers becoming big names in the fashion industry now, and this is an exciting time for people who love their clothes and want to be dressed in the latest designs. Look out for these designers and brands and many more over the coming months. Fresh fashion is about to become huge.