Trendy Fashion Styles
Trendy Fashion Styles

Summer Fashion Trends That Are Actually Stylish

Summer Fashion Trends That Are Actually Stylish

Summer Fashion Trends That Are Actually Stylish

Last summer may have been all about staying in and staying safe, but this summer will hopefully be a fantastic time to show off our summer season essentials. Whether you are heading to the beach, a barbecue, or enjoying a big night out, here are some summer fashion trends that are actually stylish.

Bright and Bold

Short Sleeve V-Neck

Designers are going big and bold this season in an effort to make us stand out and be noticed, and why not? We have all had too much staying in and blending into the background over the last year or so. This season, we are going big and bright with fluorescent colors such as the hot pink of this Short Sleeve V-Neck,  and acid yellow. Patterns are also designed to get us noticed, and rainbow colors are huge at the moment. Tie-dye is also making a comeback, which we love as it is such a funky fashion.


Metallics are looking good this summer, and what better way is there to reflect the sun and let people know you are around? Silver and gold are huge for this season, and they will show off your tan fantastically so don’t be afraid to wear them. You can dress these colors up or down depending on your mood and location, so make sure they form a staple part of your wardrobe this season.

Big Sleeves

Another top fashion for this summer is big, voluminous sleeves. These floaty tops are great for keeping us cool and breezy. If you are not a big fan of your upper arms, this is a fashion godsend for this season as it means that you can stay away from strappy tops and still look fabulous for summer.


Two-piece swimwear is the way to go this season, and if you are heading off to the beach or pool, make sure you take your bikini with you. Fashion is bright and funky for bikinis and tankinis. Look for bold stripes and hot colors if you want to get noticed. Halter necks are huge this year, which is great if you have a larger bust as it emphasizes while making sure that everything stays in place.

Gym wear

Gym wear is back in style this year, probably because we didn’t get many chances to go to the gym last year and need to make up for it now. If you have been piling on the pounds in lockdown, go back to the gym in the most stylish way possible with hot pink lycra. Tie dye is also a great choice for your gym wear, and it will make you look vibrant as you pound the treadmill this summer.


Jewelry has been overlooked for most of the last year as people didn’t have a reason to accessorize just to stay in. However, it is back with a new vitality this year and is screaming out to be noticed. Colorful chunky jewelry is a must-have accessory this year, and there are a lot of examples of this:

Rings- These are loud and proud, and the bigger, the better. Statement rings and sovereigns are particularly trendy right now.

Bracelets - Chunky and bold bracelets make a great statement accessory if you are wearing conservative colors to the office as you can still stand out with the right type of bracelet. Friendship bracelets have also made a huge comeback.

Necklaces - Beads are in style right now, especially if they have a variety of different shades in one necklace, such as this Metal Charm Beaded Necklace. Classic silver and gold chains are still popular for the office and those times you want to opt for a more understated look.

Metal Charm Beaded Necklace


It is tempting at this time of the year to opt for a pair of killer sandals. While they might be a great way of accessorizing your outfit, remember that if you have not walked in heels for the last year, you may need a bit of practice before you go out in them. Opt for bright colors to draw the eye downward and elongate your legs. Ballet pumps are still very much in fashion, and they are easier to walk in than heels.


Stylish Star Fish Print Ecco Tote Bag

The tote bag has made a huge comeback this year, and they are both stylish and practical as they are big enough to make sure you can carry all you need, like this Stylish Star Fish Print Ecco Tote Bag.

Follow these fashion trends to look amazing at all the places you want to go this summer.