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Trendy Fashion Styles

Must-Have Summer 2021 Items

Must-Have Summer 2021 Items

Must-Have Summer 2021 Items

One of the big joys of the summer is all the new trends we have to look forward to. There are always lots of gorgeous must-haves, and this year is no exception. Read on for our top must-have Summer 2021 items.

A Full-Length Satin Skirt

Navy Blue Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt in satin, either full or fitted, is high up on our priority list for this season. It’s been a while since long satin skirts were in fashion, but this year, it’s a style that’s very trendy. It’s feminine without being a dress, and the great thing about them - check out our gorgeous Navy Blue Maxi Skirt - is that you can dress them up or down. They work with sneakers and a t-shirt for day to day wear, or something more dressed up for a big night out.

Satin Scarves

Paisley Pattern Silky Scarf

The humble scarf is big for this summer, and its flexibility makes it a must-have item this year. Whether you choose a very glossy satin or a more matte silky fabric, scarves will be everywhere. Some influencers on Instagram are wearing their square scarves as bandeau-style tops. If that’s not for you, try our Paisley Pattern Silky Scarf in a more traditional look around the neck.

Wear them as a head scarf, which can protect your hair from the sun and looks stylish at the same time, around a ponytail, or as another accessory. It’s a gorgeous blend of bohemian and glamorous vibes, and it’s flexible enough to work for everyone.

Denim Shorts

Ripped, High-Waist Denim Shorts

Your faithful pair of jeans is a winter staple, so it makes sense that a good pair of denim shorts should see you right through the summer. Pick a style that suits your style and figure. This season, high-waisted (and super flattering) styles are big, and denim shorts are much looser and slightly longer than they would have been in previous years. Try our Ripped, High-Waist Denim Shorts with distressed look and raw hem to really set the scene for your summer.

Thong Sandals With High Heels

Many of us look forward to the days when we can break out the thong sandals for the season. This year, you really can wear them all summer long because high-heeled thong sandals are in fashion! That means you can wear them when you need to dress up a bit as well as with casual outfits. These sandals are all over social media, and there are lots of retailers offering high-heeled thong sandals at a very reasonable price.

Hair Clips

One of the summer’s biggest and easiest hair trends for 2021 is the classic crocodile clip. It makes for an easy and instant up-do that looks done but casual. If you look around, you’ll notice that anyone who has any length in their hair is probably wearing one. They keep heavy, hot hair off the back of your neck, keeping you cool, and wearing your hair up in the summer protects it from the damaging sun’s rays.

Shop around and you’ll find them in every color to suit your outfit - including clear and even tortoiseshell - so there is something for everyone. Choose the right size for the amount of hair you have; longer, thicker hair will need a larger clip to hold it in place. Some even have embellishments!


Bracelet stacks have been big for years. This year, it’s all about anklets, and we’re not talking about just one. Wearing several at a time is the look for summer 2021. They’re the ideal summer accessory, perfect from beach to bar. Wear them with our swimsuit or with any other casual look to add some interest.

A Colorful Necklace

Add a pop of color to any outfit for instant sunshine and a lift for summer with a bright necklace. Accessories are an easy way to update your look and work well for those who normally wear black or other dark colors. Choose a single bright color for your jewelry, or opt for a multi-colored piece.

Light-Colored Bag

You’ll still need a pretty bag to carry all your things around. Your jewelry might be bright, but your bag this season will be a light neutral. The style does not matter as much as the color this year, so whether you want a dainty clutch purse for an elegant dinner or a roomy tote for a day at the beach, opt for a lighter option this season. A light neutral shade will go with everything and won’t distract attention from the rest of your outfit.