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Instagram Fashion Trends That Are Incompatible With Real Life

Instagram Fashion Trends That Are Incompatible With Real Life

Instagram Fashion Trends That Are Incompatible With Real Life

Imagery is the key to Instagram, and brands showing off beautiful pictures that make us want to buy are doing well from the platform. Some brands are particularly strong with their imagery and make us want to buy trends that are incompatible with real life.

Some trends on Instagram are so different from the reality most of us live that there are influencers making a living from that trend alone. It serves as a reminder to us all that not everything we see online is what it seems. We should learn not to take everything we see at face value; for every image we see that has been published, there are many that were rejected, often because they don’t live up to the unrealistic image the brands want to portray. There are teams of stylists employed to stage these "candid" shots.

Some celebrity influencers have started creating a trend of posting the real image, unedited, beside the picture chosen to represent the shoot, to demonstrate how far from reality these images are.

"Reel Life" is very different from Real Life

"Reel Life" is very different from Real Life

There's a growing Instagram trend of influencers sharing their outtakes - as well as the Insta-ready photographs we have come to expect from the social platform of stunning pictures. They aim to show us all, and especially impressionable young women, that no one looks red-carpet-ready every day. Even the most beautiful women in the world need to think about lighting and angles to look their best!

Stunning Swimsuit Pics

You know the ones: there's a tiny bikini barely covering a toned, tanned body. The shots aren’t realistic because no one actually stands in the positions needed to get the shapes these models are photographed in. Often, the swimwear they’re wearing is not actually designed to get wet, let alone actually be used for swimming!

Lighter Colors

Lighter hues are a great example of where Instagram and reality are quite different. In the photographs, you see a wonderfully smooth silhouette, but in reality, there are probably lines and bulges. It’s harder to smooth out the lumps and bumps in a white, grey or pastel color. Patterns create a great distraction for the eye. Try our gorgeous Orange Bodycon Dress with Lace Overlay to break up the lines of your underwear. It’s not just panty lines - bras don’t dig in on Instagram! There are no wobbly parts on the ‘Gram! Part of that will be down to clever light and angles, and the rest is down to post production, so don’t be too disheartened if your shots don’t look exactly the same.

Orange Bodycon Dress with Lace Overlay

Get the Right Angle

Be careful where you hold your camera/phone when you take photos of yourself or your friends; if you hold the camera below your face, it will add some pounds. It doesn’t matter how slim you are. Hold the camera above your eyeline, but not too high or you’ll distort your face shape.

Silky Skin

All celebrity skin is flawless on Instagram. Don’t believe for a second that it is actually that perfect in real life. Wrinkles exist and so do pores, although the pictures you see online might lead you to believe otherwise. In fact, blemishes are just removed with photo processing and a clever filter. Just be mindful of that when you’re looking at photos online. Of course, the whole raison d’etre of Instagram is to show off beautiful photographs, so it is to be expected that people will spend a long time on the "spontaneity" we scroll through each day.

Kiss and Makeup

Instagram is now full of makeup tips, and we’re finding lots of those incompatible with real life. Untrimmed false eyelashes, anyone? We thought not. They are just one example of a very difficult trend to translate into real life.

Shady Business

Brights have been big news for the last few seasons, and they’re great for most skin tones. No one looks washed out with a bright color. But this year, Instagram is showing us lots of much softer, pastel tones. Lots of us will find those tones much harder to wear, so we’re calling that out as an impractical Instagram trend. We say go for the drama with a bold, bright color like our Pleated Printed Maxi Skirt.

Pleated Printed Maxi Skirt

Combat Boots

A huge trend online at the moment is chunky combat-style boots, either ankle or knee height. Influencers are mixing grungy footwear with pretty, floaty florals, but it’s not as easy a look to pull off in reality as it looks online.