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Different ways to style women's suits with sneakers

Different ways to style women's suits with sneakers

Different ways to style women's suits with sneakers

Suits and sneakers are not the most obvious combination in women's fashion, but it's one that is gradually gaining momentum with influencers, models and celebrities alike.

The mish-mash of these two opposing genres combines chic professionalism with grungy coolness, and when this look is done right, it encompasses the positive qualities of each style. How do you go about replicating the look successfully and without looking like you have accidentally put the wrong shoes on for the office or forgot to change after your walk to work? Here are some approaches you can use to match suits and sneakers in a stylish way.

Linen whites

The linen suit is a bit of a cheat. It's loosely tailored and designed with comfort in mind. Nevertheless, the wide-leg pants and slouchy blazer do still fall under the suit remit and can be worn seamlessly with a pair of white court shoes or sneakers to create a light, summery look. Linen is also a great choice for summer because its natural fibers make it breathable and the color white reflects the heat. You're welcome!

Oversized pinstripe

Remember in the early 2000s when wearing pinstripe blazers was all the rage? We have some news for you: that particular trend never really went away. Teaming an oversized pinstripe suit with a tight, white tee and bright white sneakers or even a pair of retro Converse is a cool look that combines comfort and style for a nice everyday look.

The colorful blazer

The colorful blazer

If you are intrigued by this look but are not quite confident enough to fully commit, why not go halfway with a colorful or patterned blazer paired with regular pants and a pair of block color sneakers? It's halfway there and will test your confidence about wearing the look fully next time. The plain sneakers can also help balance out the look of a dramatic blazer and bring a sense of casual practicality back to an otherwise eccentric look.

Or colorful sneakers

Conversely you could bring drama and detail to the outfit through your choice of footwear. A traditional suit in natural hues, for example, could be livened up with a pair of neon or animal print sneakers for maximum impact.

The suit dress

The suit dress

Remember that suits don't always have to include a blazer-and-pants combo. Tailored suit dresses still fit into the category and are probably easier to team with a variety of sneakers. Personally, we think the clash between the formal attire and an ultra sporty sneaker with a chunky sole creates a contrasting silhouette. Ideal for semi-formal daywear or a casual work meeting, this is a versatile and comfortable look.

Pointy-toe sneakers

This look might not be for everyone, but it is undeniably a trend that is growing in popularity. The pointy-toe sneaker does what it says and is the ultimate hybrid between heel and sneaker. Pair this with a sharp, tailored suit in sophisticated navy for a chic, flawless look in the office.

Rock and roller

The slouchy suit with a low-cut chiffon blouse or even a retro band tee is a beautifully flattering look that screams "I'm too cool to care." Team it with simple white sneakers, and you've nailed the rock and roll chick aesthetic perfectly. This is a look that is popular with style icons such as Kate Moss.

Layered suit options

Perfect for the colder months, layering a collared shirt and sweater underneath a suit jacket is a great way to combine practicality and warmth with style. Wear suit pants or even a pair of dark-colored jeans with high-top tennis shoes for a casual, student-like look.


Braces were an integral part of old-school suits, so why not bring them back complete with some well paired sneakers? Matching the accessories in this way will make for a semi-androgynous look that gives a nod to the fashion trends of years gone by.

General rules to follow

General rules to follow

This is a cool and versatile look, but it will only work if your footwear is up to standard. Old, tatty or dirty sneakers won't cut it with a suit and will bring the whole aesthetic down. Because white sneakers feature prominently in this look, it is important to invest in their long-term care if it's a look you decide you want to revisit often. Don't risk it by wearing your old dog-walking sneakers; invest in good-quality ones and make sure that you take good care of them.