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Can Pandora Charms Be Used On Necklaces?

Can Pandora Charms Be Used On Necklaces?

Can Pandora Charms Be Used On Necklaces?

Over the years, Pandora has become increasingly popular thanks to its wide range of stunning charms. Pandora charms are loved worldwide and are typically worn on a bracelet. They are often given as gifts or bought as a personal treat by the one wearing the charm, and many of them are worn with a story behind them. Whether it is bought as a reminder of a big event, such as a graduation, a milestone birthday, as a memory from a vacation or traveling, or for whatever reason, Pandora’s wide range of charms are diverse.

There are many different designs available with family, country and age-related charms; charms for Disney, Harry Potter, and Star Wars lovers; and floral and animal-related charms. There really is something for everyone on offer with Pandora when it comes to their charms.

While these charms are popularly worn on one of their charm bracelets, some people might wonder if Pandora charms can be used on necklaces. In addition to a variety of bracelets available to buy to express yourself and showcase your memories in your own unique way and style, Pandora charms can also be used on smaller chain necklaces so that you can make a collection and show off your favorite charms in your own special way.

Necklaces For Charms

While Pandora has a variety of bracelets available to hold their charms, from bangles to chain bracelets, leather bracelets, and sliding bracelets, Pandora’s charms are most typically worn on their popular snake chain bracelet, similar to the Herringbone Metal Chain Necklace. You can use this necklace to create your own personalized, unique look along with your favorite charm or charms, or wear it alone. You can change your style and charms to suit your outfit daily. The charms are interchangeable with those from your bracelet. The round clip-on charms and those that can fit over the clasps will work well with this beautiful necklace set.

Herringbone Metal Chain Necklace

Pandora charms can also be used on chain necklaces. While some chain necklaces may already have a pendant, these are not Pandora charms. However, they will work well in combination with your charms. For example, you can create an elegant look when you add your Pandora charms to this Teardrop Pendant Long Necklace. If possible, you can replace the current pendant on one of your necklaces with an O Pendant from Pandora’s O Pendant Collection.

Teardrop Pendant Long Necklace

The Pandora O Pendants

The Pandora O Pendants are a unique and creative way of displaying Pandora charms on a Pandora chain necklace or on your own necklace. The Pandora O Pendants are available in three different sizes and in colors such as gold, rose gold, and silver to match your necklace. This is a dainty and easy way to wear your charms on any necklace. It is simple to change the design to match your outfit or for your occasion. Add dangle charms; plain silver charms; a sparkling, glittery charm; or even combine different sized O Pendants to make a longer statement piece.

These gorgeous ring design pendants unclip with the push of a button, allowing you to easily slide on and off the charms of your choice and click it back together before placing it back onto your necklace. This simple design makes it easy for you to wear your Pandora charms on your necklace, adding it to the delicate Rhinestone Charm Necklace for a special and elegant look, without having to individually thread each charm on as is the case with thicker necklaces.

Charms On Your Necklace

With their selection of O Pendants, Pandora has made it easy for you to get creative with a charm necklace. With the Pandora O Pendant, you can use any necklace and place your Pandora O Pendant onto it if it fits over the clasp. You will find that Pandora charms even fit onto most necklace chains on their own without the use of an O Pendant or a snake chain necklace. Float a dangle charm on either side of the Rhinestone Snake Pendant Necklace for an additional, fashionable statement.

Rhinestone Snake Pendant Necklace

Make A Statement With Pandora Charms

Create your own unique look and express yourself in different styles each day with Pandora charms on your necklace as well as your bracelet. It's easy to mix and match your favorite charms. Add just one charm for a simple look, and be dressed for any occasion with these versatile charms and their beautiful designs.