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15 Fabulous Jewelry Ideas for your Wife

15 Fabulous Jewelry Ideas for your Wife

15 Fabulous Jewelry Ideas for your Wife

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but any jewelry given with love is bound to make her smile. A study indicates that 58% of women surveyed listed jewelry as their most preferred gift. But with so much available on the market, where do you begin when trying to find the best bling for your wife?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Handmade jewelry is a great choice for those who love intricate and totally unique pieces. Artisan jewelry makers have their own style and take pride in their work using authentic, high-quality materials. When you buy handmade, you get a personal experience and also help to support small businesses.


Flower Pendant Necklace

Statement jewelry does what it says: it makes a big statement. If your wife likes bold, bright colors or eye-catching designs, like this Flower Pendant Necklace, this could be a good option. The cost of statement jewelry varies wildly from costume to designer, and in some cases the differences between the two aren't that noticeable.


Gemstones are a lovely choice for the more spiritual woman. Enthusiasts believe that they bring positive and healing energies to the wearer, with each stone bringing different properties. Birthstones are a good way to make this a more personal gift.

Stacking rings

Stacking rings are a practical, contemporary and stylish choice that gives her three (or more!) rings for the price of one. These sets look great when they are worn together, but the individual rings can also be mixed, matched and worn separately.


The popularity of personalized jewelry (and indeed personalized gifts) has soared in recent years. With new technology, it's now possible to personalize pretty much any material, making it truly personal and unique to you. In terms of jewelry, you can get meaningful dates, names or messages engraved into precious metals. You can even have photos or pictures superimposed onto pendants or lockets.

Beaded bracelets

If your wife is more bohemian than bling, you can still get her expensive jewelry to match her style. Beaded bracelets combine gemstones, pearls or other precious beads with a hessian-type wrap to make an alternative type of jewelry. A budget-friendly option is glass, such as this Glass Bead Stretch Bracelet.

Flower Pendant Necklace


Lockets are an item of jewelry that never go out of fashion. These days, pretty necklaces offer locket pendants that can even diffuse essential oils! Whether your wife prefers this or maybe a more traditional photograph, it's a thoughtful and personal gift.


Pull at her heartstrings with a sentimental gift that has meaning to her, such as the coordinates of the place you proposed engraved onto something. Maybe she'd like a gemstone native to your first holiday destination together?

Rose gold

Rose gold has been a huge trend in recent years. It's less brash than yellow gold and exudes glamour. It's also more durable and usually more affordable than white or yellow gold.

Diamond studs

If you want something utterly foolproof, you can rarely go wrong with a pair of diamond studs. The precious stones are bling yet on the subtle side. Stylish, timeless and practical...you really can't go wrong here.

Designer watch

Big faces are in fashion, so find out her best brand and spoil her with a blingy designer watch. This is a gift that is functional as well as stylish, and she'll never be late for a date again.

Eternity ring

An eternity ring is a perfect way to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. The circumference of diamonds around the ring represents your lifelong promise to her.


If she likes to keep on top of the latest trends, look into what's fashionable right now. For example, in 2021, neon enamel, singular charms and chain link necklaces like this Chunky Chain with Heart are all the rage.

Chunky Chain with Heart


Conversely, she might prefer traditional, classical styles or favor well-known brands such as Tiffany. Think about her current style and work from there.

Essential rules

This is a comprehensive list of all the different types of some of the jewelry that you could give to your wife as a gift. Ultimately, however, you'll have to use your unique and in-depth knowledge of her style and personality to pick something you think will truly appeal to her. Jewellery can be a lifelong investment that may well be passed down to other generations, so opt for quality and charm while working within your budget; she won't thank you for getting into debt!