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11 Winter Essentials for Women

11 Winter Essentials for Women

11 Winter Essentials for Women

When the weather begins to get chilly and you find yourself reaching for an extra layer, it might be time to start thinking of your winter wardrobe. To help you out, we have put together our 11 most essential winter clothing ideas.

1. Base Layers

You don’t need to go skiing in Colorado to know our top winter essential tip, and that is to wear a base layer. A base layer hugs your body and traps warm air between you and the fabric, which will keep you snug and cozy without adding lots of bulky clothing. Wear your base layer under another layer, such as a long-sleeved shirt or a hoodie.

2. Hoodies

White Hoodie

Hoodies are not just for high school or college; they are a great wardrobe addition for any woman all year-round. They are particularly useful in the winter, when you will feel the benefit of a warm hoodie with a hood to keep out that chilly air. Some are available in heavier fabrics, with fleece-lined hoods, which are perfect for walking outdoors. Many fashion bloggers recommend wearing a hoodie under a denim jacket or a colorful knee-length coat. This White Hoodie would look perfect with a jacket. 

3. Sweaters

Orange V-Neck Thick Knit Sweater

Sweaters are traditionally associated with winter weather, and who doesn’t like a seasonal sweater when it comes to the holidays? They can be as bright and cheerful as you like to brighten up even the coldest and dullest winter day, like this Orange V-Neck Thick Knit Sweater. Wear your sweater with a base layer if you are going out for a winter walk so you can feel nice and cozy without having to wear too many layers.

4. Long-Sleeved Tops

When fall ends and winter begins, it is time to start thinking about exchanging your short-sleeved T-shirts for long-sleeved tops. Add a pullover or a hoodie; if you find it too warm later, you can always take the hoodie off but your arms will still be warm.

5. Jackets

Denim Jacket

A Denim Jacket is a good winter wardrobe essential. This type of jacket can go with so many other things, from a woolen dress or tracksuit bottoms to a pair of classic pants. You can wear jeans and denim jackets together, but we think a great combination would be a denim jacket with different-colored denim pants, such as gray, white or black. 

6. Coat

A warm coat is one of our top essential clothing items. Some coats are insulated with fleece linings and attached hoods, which will have a thermal effect to keep you warm outside.

7. Pants

Trousers are a real winter essential, especially if you live in those states that see a lot of snowy weather. A pair of good winter pants will keep out the chill, especially when teamed with a pullover or hoodie and a warm jacket or coat.

8. Gloves

When winter comes around, we start searching for our gloves or mittens. For some reason, it often turns out that we can only find one of them rather than the whole pair. If that happens to you, don’t worry; you can always check in here for some lovely ideas to keep your hands warm and cozy this winter.

9. Hats

Hats are a must in the winter because if you keep your head covered, you will keep your body temperature constant. There are all sorts of hats to choose from, from winter pull-on beanie hats to hats that cover the head, neck and ears with fleecy ear flaps or fur lining. Hats are fun, so why not choose a hat in a color or style that reflects your personality, too?

10. Boots

Boots are another winter essential. Make sure they are waterproof and that you get a super comfortable fit. One tip is to buy your boots a size or half a size bigger than your actual foot size. That way, you can wear thicker winter socks that will keep your feet warm all winter long.

11. Warm PJs

Finally, we need to mention the importance of having some warm PJs to snuggle up in before you go to sleep. Some people find it difficult to sleep if they are cold, but with a warm pair of PJs and some comfy bed socks, you will be off to sleep in no time.

We hope you like our 11 winter essentials for women. Creating a winter capsule wardrobe like this will help you stay comfortably warm all winter long.