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10 Latest Designs Of Formal Shirts For Women

10 Latest Designs Of Formal Shirts For Women

10 Latest Designs Of Formal Shirts For Women

There can be few items of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe that are as universally flattering and timeless as a formal shirt. That doesn’t mean that all shirts are created equal, however. Let's take a look at some of the latest designs of formal shirts to make sure you’re completely up to date.

The beauty of a formal shirt is that it’s both beautiful and professional at the same time. A formal shirt is fitted, often tailored, and they offer a slim silhouette for all sizes and all ages. Find one that fits you well, and you have instantly solved a whole host of fashion dilemmas. They can be dressed up or down and easily transition from a day at the office to a night on the town. They show elegance and sophistication, and the difference in styles available now means there is a style that is also tailored to your personality. Whether you choose to wear your formal shirt with a piece of statement jewelry or a more masculine blazer, it offers the chance to be uniquely you.

1. Peter Pan Collar

If you’re the sort of girl who remains young at heart, a shirt with a Peter Pan collar is a good way to be elegant without feeling overpoweringly formal and stiff. The round corners of the collar take the edge off the stiff, often masculine-seeming shirt. Choosing a shirt in a darker neutral with contrasting collar and cuffs gives it a sophisticated edge.

2. Different Collars

There is no rule that says a formal shirt must have the traditional fold-down collar. There are lots of variations of that, including points or rounded edges and different-sized collars - or you can choose no collar at all! Despite the name, "grandfather" collars without the foldover element can be surprisingly feminine. The simplicity works for a pretty look, and adding in some delicate pleats where the collar meets the shirt finishes the look.

3. Bow-Tie Collar

Possibly the most feminine way of wearing a formal shirt is with a gorgeous bow-tie collar. It's ideal when you want to convey authority but share your feminine side, too. It’s a really pretty way to add interest and works with lots of different colors. You could also wear it with a pair of jeans for an elegant off-duty look.

4. Bell Sleeves

Add some interest to your formal shirt by choosing a design that has interest at the hands. The body and collar of the shirt remain as usual, but the sleeves are finished with a bell-shaped flare at the bottom. The more dramatic shape of this shirt is better suited to a plain fabric, but any color works well to show off the shape.

5. Pin Stripes

Pin Stripes

Pin stripes were huge in the 1980s. Today, they are a sophisticated option for women when cut to flatter, with darts in the front. Give your corporate image a contemporary update that's perfect for the modern office.

6. Contrast Panel

Add some subtle updates to a standard white shirt by choosing a shirt with a high-contrast placket panel. Why not try black with white buttons for a monochrome look that is always polished?

7. Lots of Buttons

A row of buttons to fasten the shirt is fairly standard. Give your formal shirt a different twist by opting for extra buttons on the cuffs and along the forearm, and even on the collar, for some extra interest. The extra detail adds some drama to your outfit and is still elegant enough to wear to formal business occasions.

8. Ruffles

Voluminous Ruffle Shirt

Similar to the effect a bow-tie collar has, a shirt with frills and ruffles down the front, like this Voluminous Ruffle Shirt, injects a bit of glamour to your suit or corporate wear. It's different enough while still keeping things classy.

9. Short Sleeves

3/4 Roll Up Sleeve Shirt

In the height of summer, you still need to keep your cool when the temperatures are hot. Choose a shirt with short sleeves that is still elegant, or one with adjustable sleeves, such as this 3/4 Roll Up Sleeve Shirt. A slim fit is especially effective.

10. Super-Elegant White Formal Shirt

The clean, white shirt is the ultimate in formal dressing. It’s hard to beat. Whatever the season, a plain white shirt will always look right and give a professional impression.

A formal shirt is always professional, and with some careful tailoring, it can look very gentle and feminine. There is lots you can personalize in terms of collar and sleeve style to make it your own and show off your personality.